Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Missing the rain

This past Saturday was a very pleasant day for me because it had finally rained in such a long time. I missed it very much. This photo was taken by me on the way to Lowes with my family.

In Lowes I came across these flowers, which reminded me a bit of yogurt after a friend pointed it out. Hopefully they’re there next time I go, I might buy them to add to my front yard.

My most favorite picture of the day is this one. It was something I missed seeing for a very long time, dark gloomy looking clouds.


Crystal Ball said...

I'm glad to see you finally started your blog!
The pictures are wonderful. It just really sucks that those pretty gloomy skies disappeared so fast. It's going to get up to 96 this week. I guess we'll have to wait until we can wear our coats and scarves to school.

Love you and I'll see you tomorrow <3

trishiekoh said...

i love to look up into the sky, lovely pictures...look forward to seeing more from you!

Beth said...

Pretty photos even though the clouds are very gloomy looking.
Awesome post

Elizabeth said...

Too cute. I enjoy the rain too. I also enjoyed you're pictures, lovely!

Bethany said...

Gorgeous photos. You should definitely buy the Gebera Daisy for your yard. They are happy and fun and pretty easy. They just need lots of water!
Thanks for visiting my blog and the comment on the leaf. I loved the green too. You made my day.

About this Blog said...

wow... simply.. superb picture collection.. really i enjoyed it...