Thursday, October 29, 2009

In the sky

There's lovely things in the sky. Laying on my bed and looking at it through my window is such a lovely thing. It really gives me hope and inspiration because of its beautiful colors.
I'm really hoping to find a big treasure chest, so i can put away pictures, photo albums, and many other peculiar things that I come across with.

p.s. Im really exited for the photo swap that Rhianne is hosting. Even though i joined late I was lucky. Rhianne mentioned to me that there was another insterested blogger which is Janis.
I really hope you likes the pictures that i will be sending to her.


alissa said...

I'm with you - so excited for the photo swap! Its such a great idea.

A treasure chest is a great idea by the by!

Thanks for visiting graces birdcage and becoming a follower! I'm excited to check out your blog...

Anonymous said...

The photo swap is a great idea. It's just too bad I couldn't join it because of my busy schedule. I like you're blog. Great photography :)

Susan said...

what a lovely blog you have here! thanks for stopping by mine and thanks for the follow. added you to my blogroll and I am following you now, too :))

janis said...

hey partner!!

i must admit - i'm a little nervous that this roll of film will be a flop and you'll be majorly disappointed. but i figure if you have low expectations, then hopefully you will be blown away!! i'm working on some {hopefully} good ideas!

i'm so excited to get yours!! wooo!

hope you're having a good wknd!!


Posh said...

You have such a lovely blog, love it! <3

Paulina said...

yay! so glad you are participating!!! I am very excited for this project! Can't wait until all the pics are put together in the flickr group!!!

Aron said...

Great shots!