Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dreaming the Impossible

What would I dream if I get some sleep? That’s what I ask myself every night before I go to bed. It’s something new and different every night, but once awaken I can’t seem to remember what that certain dream was. Weary and with fear of what is to come along the day, I tell myself to take the path that is to come without apprehension. I believe that I dream my future every once in a while. Last nights dream was the most... well I can't seem to remember.

Tell me your best dream you've ever had?

I wont mind if its too long, just leave it in a simple comment.

Thank you and have sweet dreams everyone. :)

photo by: Crystal Ball


janis said...

hi beth! i've had several dreams that i'm a witch along with harry potter & hermoine. it's always a blast!

i'm your photo swap partner! yay! so excited!!


Towe said...

What a cool blog. I love your photos! towe.

Elizabeth said...

I love this picture. Too cute!